Monday, September 10, 2012

i'm back!

So I thought I would give this blogging thing another try. Lots has changed. Most notably we have a darling baby Reagan Lysle. He is 5 weeks old today. In 3-4 weeks I will go back to work, and Rex will stay home for the 3 days a week I am at work. I am trying my darndest not to dwell on the thought of leaving my precious baby to go to work, but leaving him with his doting daddy is the best option we have. So this one is brief, and when I have more to say, I will. :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

out come the boxes!

I think I am a gypsy. Or maybe something akin to it. We are moving. I do have the ability to stay in one place, I promise! But, when an opportunity comes along that I HAVE to take, what am i supposed to do?! MOVE!! So here is the skinny:
*New job: Denton Regional Medical Center ER (yay for going back to the ER)
-GREAT benefits at this job AND they are going help pay for school (i am hoping to get a masters..after finishing the bachelors that is)

*We don't actually have a place to live yet. :( We are looking. Every day. I think IKEA in Frisco should just let us stay there!

*I AM SOOOO EXCITED! We are starting a new adventure and there are so many opportunities and fun things to do in the area.

*BONUS: my best friend from high school works and DRMC and lives in Lake Dallas! ADDED BONUS: hopefully..i will get to see cassie and lauren..since they are in the area too!! (cuz meeting cole and riley would make my day!)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

small victories (and miracles)

sometimes (ok, most of the time) life is hard. really hard. being a nurse and a tender soul has put me in the path to have my heart broken by the pain and suffering around me. i look at the beautiful faces of my 12 (yep 12!!) nieces and nephews and am SO thankful for their health and strength. i see people more afflicted with hardships than we are, and feel so blessed to be healthy and happy and NOT rich. my mom recently got diagnosed with diabetes type 2. this is not a HUGE shock as her mother has it, but for my pretty much made the world stop. i have seen the really bad side of diabetes and know that while right NOW everything is relatively ok, there is a potential for some MAJOR problems down the road (kidney failure, blindness, losing feet and legs to ulcers, etc) and felt almost panicked that we had to do something to control it. i love my mom, but she is not the most disciplined person ever, so i was a little bit concerned that she wouldn't stick to a diet/exercise program. then the dr told us because her sugar level was so high she would have to go on medicine (dangit) i did not want her to, and to top it off because of the ice/snow that happened..the dietitian couldn't meet with my i had to set her out on a plan. so after research and more research we came up with a plan..and i printed out a food log, exercise log, and a blood sugar measuring log for my mom to use for a week before we went back to the dr. this was not the best week ever for my mom. she says she is "grieving" food. she threw a tantrum in the grocery store (see throwing veggies on a bread shelf). she called me in a panic because she ate too many wheat thins. a true test of my patience and hers. it wasn't pretty. but yesterday we went back to the dr..and he said she did NOT need medication if she continued to follow the diet/exercise plan!! (WHAT?! WE DID IT???!!! I DID A HAPPY DANCE RIGHT THEN AND THERE!!) thank goodness for the small victory in the start of this very long battle with a very terrifying disease!! :) in other good news, it seems as though despite our car giving us a bad start, we are up and running with no real issues, and thank goodness! i also lost 6 pounds (small victory indeed..but it is a start and has kept me motivated..which is no small thing). and the miracle of the month is Calliope Michelle Willden born in the first few minutes of valentine's day to my brother and his wife. she is beautiful and tiny and precious. and if my camera/computer were talking to each other i would post pics. but for now..just TRUST me..she is GORGEOUS!! i am also continuing to pray for little briley and her battle with leukemia. check out for more info. LOVE to you all!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

down with the sickness!!

Ok, so the weather has been RIDICULOUS!! and because of this both Rex and I have come down with major colds/sinus infections! It has NOT been fun. For like 4 days I was in some kind of stupor because my head was so congested that everything around me was kind of "fuzzy" (and yes, I did go to work, and NO I did not inflict bodily harm on anyone!) finally..after 4 very long very miserable days I got some meds from the doctor (after a quick convo in the does pay to be a nurse in a hospital) and though I am not over it completely, I feel like a new person! And it is starting to warm up so that helps! Hopefully all of you managed to stay warm and healthy during this awful snow and freezing weather! The only bonus from being sick..cuddling on the couch under blankets watching lots of TV with was nice!! :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

this is not as easy as it looks!

I used to be better at blogging. I used to feel better about it. I just haven't felt into it. I mean..I really really like reading all of my friends blogs, but their lives seem more interesting than mine. I also haven't wanted to complain about stuff..and have felt a little negative about stuff lately. So here is a super-quick recap:
*Christmas was awesome..spending time with all of the family was fun!
*New Years was kind of uneventful, but I did get to share a New Year's Kiss for the first time ever!!
*We got a new (to us) car. And despite some initial issues with it..we LOVE it!
*Rex turned 28 two days Happy Birthday Baby!!

There may be some more exciting things to come. But I can't make any promises. ;)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

in my down time

i am bored here at work why not blog?! sure, no one reads it. but let's pretend. :P So first off to backtrack slightly I will tell of a harrowing journey to Willis Texas to visit Rex's dad, brother, and step-mom...i think i mentioned that my lovely little pt cruiser had not been working properly, we got it fixed (allegedly) and were headed down. About halfway there Rex tells me the car is heating we stop at subway in some small town and wait. It cools right off so we try again..about an hour later it heats up we pull over and wait some more. Needless to say this continued to happen so a 6 hour trip took more like 8.5 (yay!). While there, Rex and his dad looked things over and replaced some parts and we thought it was fixed. NOT SO. On the trip back we made it about 2 hours and it started heating up we stopped..and waited..and waited..and waited. It would not cool down. So we stayed the night (and I called into work) and the next day we replaced the thermostat and started off again..and made it to Ft Worth when guess heated up again. So we stopped. And waited..only this time we were waiting for my dad and brother Jake to come through with there big trucks and trailers and haul my stupid car home (and give us a ride). So here I am...without a working vehicle..little money to my name..finally coming to terms with the fact that I HAVE to get a different vehicle. I have never bought a vehicle. I don't want to. It makes me want to cry thinking about how much money they cost. I don't want to. Yes, I realize pouring more money into my car is a waste, but I DON'T WANT TO BUY A CAR! Ok, I know this isn't going to change it, but I needed to vent. Thanks.

On another note, Thanksgiving was great (we missed Skate and her family ALOT) and I made an apple pie...

and MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME...i got one of these....

yep..that's an IPOD TOUCH..and I LOVE IT!! (yes i know it isn't christmas yet..but it was on sale on black friday..and i couldn't resist when it came in the mail yesterday!)

Friday, November 12, 2010

baby, it's cold outside

ok so not really. but it is coming. faster than i wanted it to. yes i KNOW it is November and that it has been cold everywhere else for a while now, but i for one was enjoying the extended warm season. however, i do LOVE winter clothes, scarves, and boots; so i am pretty excited to wear those (is there a way to wear those things with scrubs...i will investigat that). We don't have cenral heating in the apartment, so we are hoping and praying that the oil-filled mini-heaters will do the trick. it is pretty well insulated and so far has not ever dropped below 65 ish (but i am a pansy and hate being too cold) that is something to look forward to. also, there is a big prayer going up that our plumbing does not freeze or we will be up a creek. oh the joy!! :) i have a feeling that we will look back on this time in our marriage with fondness for all the challenges that came our way. isn't that how it is supposed to be? every once and a while i look at Rex and think..that is MY husband, and it is still a little weird to me. at those moments i feel like i need reminding that he is not just my best friend..which is so fun for me. :) 7.5 short months and i am so happy to be his wife!!